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  A. A solver-interfaced virtual reality simulation system (SIVR) has been developed for the design development a nuclear transmutation energy system named as PEACER (Proliferation-resistant, Environment-friendly, Accident-tolerant, Continual and Economical Reactor). The SIVR was developed using Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) in order to interface a commercial 3D CAD tool with various engineering solvers and to implement virtual reality presentation of results in a neutral format. In this paper, we have shown the SIVR approach viable and effective in the life-cycle management of complex nuclear energy systems, including design, construction and operation. With on-line monitoring system of an operating energy complex, integral plant information can be produced in 3D virtual reality capability. Transparency of design and operational status of an energy complex to operators and inspectors can help ensure accident-tolerance and proliferation-resistance of sensitive processes such as spent nuclear fuel partitioning operation. Potential benefit of PEACER-SIVR are demonstrated by applying the SIVR approach to the design, construction and operation of a non-radioactive small- scale loop designated as Heavy Eutectic liquid metal Loop for the Investigation of Operability and Safety (HELIOS) of PEACER


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