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  PEACER (Proliferation-resistant, Environment-friendly, Accident-tolerant, Continuable, and Economical Reactor) is a conceptual LBE (Lead-Bismuth Eutectic) cooled fast reactor system having metallic TRU-Zr fuel recycled by pyroprocessing technique.

  PEACER has been designed with emphasis on high transmutation rate and inherent safety while meeting all other goals. The PEACER’s pancake core has been designed to enhance neutron leakage so as to minimize a build-up of TRU elements by neutron capture of uranium. In addition, thermal trap regions contain long living fission products including Tc-99 and I-129 in calcium hydride material to transmute them into stable nuclides by local thermalized region of fast neutron. The reactor coolant system is designed to achieve ultimate heat removal through natural circulation of liquid LBE (Lead Bismuth Eutectic). Metallic U-TRU-Zr fuel with Pb-bonding is employed in order to take advantage of economical and proliferation-resistant pyrochemical processing in recycling the spent nuclear fuels from current water reactors and from the PEACER reactor. Both the transmutation reactor system with the pyroprocess system and the final waste production plant are to be housed in one restricted building within PEACER Energy Park that is operated by a multinational consortium. The ultimate goal of this entire system is to transmute the spent nuclear fuel to the low level waste defined as Class C waste per US-NRC regulation.


3D drawing of the primary loop of PEACER-300