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Global Symposium on Lead and Lead Alloy Cooled
Nuclear Energy Science and Technology

Inauguration Conference Calendar

Summary: Maximum 2 pages due on May 31 June 25, 2017 (Click)
Review and Notification June 30, 2017
Presentation: Maximum 24 slides & bio due August 10, 2017
Proceedings: Hardcopy of Summary and Slides, September 6, 2017
Electronic Proceedings: Session & Executive Summary, November 30, 2017


7-8 September 2017
Seoul, Korea

Organized by GEN-IV LFR pSSC
Educational support for OCED/NEA
iconWhy do we need new international conference?

- To facilitate the appropriate exchange of information at a shortened interval of
  2.5 years by convening GLANST in association with HLMC conference.
- To chase rapid evolution of LFR technology and programs and growing interests
  from other fields
- To provide peer review activities
- To develop international consensus on code and standards
- To support OECD/NEA GIF Task Force on Education and Training


1. Innovative reactors with heavy liquid metal coolants (HLMC)
2. Accelerator-driven systems with HLMC
3. Safety regulation and codes for HLMC systems
4. Safety: hypothetical accidents, neutronics, thermo-hydraulics, radiology, PSA
5. Fuels and fuel cycles for lead and lead-alloy cooled systems
6. Materials for lead and lead-alloy cooled systems
7. Integral/demonstration experiments for lead and lead-alloy cooled reactors


Electronic Proceedings will be distributed.

- Summary
- Slides
- Session & Executive Summary

iconGLANST Conference Management

Organizational Structure

- Scientific Committee consisted of GIF LFR pSSC members
- Chaired by GIF pSSC Chair
- 5 years term

International Scientific Committee

- Chaired by Alessandro Alemberti with all national rep. of GIF LFR pSSC

Dr. Kamil Tucek  (JRC, Netherland)
Dr. A. Moiseev (NIKIET, Russian Federation)
Prof. M. Takahash (TIT, Japan)
Prof. I. S. Hwang (SNU, Korea)
Prof. C. Smith (NPGS, U.S.A.)
Prof. Yican Wu (INEST, China)
Dr. M. Tarantino (ENEA, Italy)
Prof. G. Toshinsky (IPPE, Russian Federation)
Prof. H. A. Abderrahim (SCK-CEN)
Dr. Paul Schuurmans (SCK-CEN)
Prof. J. Wallenius (LeadCold, KTH, Sweden)
Prof. J. H. Kim (UNIST, Korea)

- Honorary Advisory Commitee

Dr. Shanghi Rhee (Korea)
Prof. Richard Muller (UC Berkeley, USA)
Prof. Valerly Ivanovich Rachkov (NIKIET & Baumann University, RF)

- Organizing Commitee

Chair, Prof. I. S. Hwang (SNU, Korea)
Comittee member, Prof. J. H. Kim (UNIST, Korea)
Comittee member, Mr. S. J. Hong (Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea)
Comittee member, Mr. J. Y. Bean (Vision Power, Korea)
Comittee member, Prof. H. R. Kim (DGIST, Korea)

- Administration Office

Ms. Sujin Han (SNU, Korea) hansj@snu.ac.kr
Ms. Minji Park (SNU, Korea) minjipark@snu.ac.kr

GIF Education & Training Task Force (ETTF) as home



- Email : minjipark@snu.ac.kr
- Tel : +82-2-880-7200